ZMatrix is a tool that places an animation on your desktop
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ZMatrix is a tool that allows you add an animation to your desktop. This animation consists of the streaming-character effect well-known from "The Matrix" movie. If you are a Matrix fan, then you will enjoy having your desktop customized in this way. Perhaps, you might actually decipher the streams of characters into elements from the material world, just like in the film.

The utility should not affect other processes that are running on your computer, especially since you can choose the process's priority. "Idle priority" is most recommended, so that other processes will not run slower than usually. The animation can be customized, and you have the option to change the font type and the color of both standard, and special character strings. A special string consists in a message that you yourself can edit and preset to be displayed out of the streaming characters. The default special string is "The matrix has you!", but you can replace it or add several other texts to the list. Since you are allowed to select the array of characters for all types of strings, the utility can surely become a funny tool.

All in all, it is a utility targeted at Matrix fans, but even those who are not familiar with the film can find the animation to be interesting and enjoyable.

Margie Smeer
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